notifications on the fulfillment of obligations by employers

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!
We would like to remind you that starting 02.07.2018 until 31.07.2018 the company – employer must  provide to the Federal Executive Body authorized to perform functions of control and supervision in the field of migration, or its authorized territorial body, notifications on the fulfillment of obligations by employers to pay wages to highly qualified specialists for the 2nd quarter of 2018.
We remind you of the mandatory nature of this notice - for failure to fulfill the obligation to notify of the calculation of wages, an administrative fine is to be imposed:
- on officials in the amount of thirty-five thousand to seventy thousand rubles;
- on legal entities - from four hundred thousand to one million rubles.

You can send your requests to the manager supervising your company

If your company is our new client, the Manager of the Labor Migration Department Dmitry Dymov will be happy to provide you with all the necessary support in this matter, e-mail