our webinar academy


The Webinar Academy of the Mellennium Travel is an on-line learning platform created for the convenience of the learning and provision of information for our customers, as well as for the building-up of a new type of communication, which is based on the convenience of the information provision. We establish the new standards of the on-line learning, which assist us to share a unique experience with our customers, easily to impart knowledge, and thus to take the business processes to the next level.


Assistance for the expatriates needs some extra competencies at many companies. The purpose of our training webinars is an insight into the basic essentials, rules and regulations which should be taken into consideration when working with the foreigners.
Such webinars are intended for the groups of 10 to 100 persons.


The migration-related legislation is rapidly changed; and at times, it is difficult to monitor all the legislative innovations. The information webinars are meant to eliminate suchlike gaps in your knowledge, and to bring the up-to-date information concerning the visa- and other migration-related issues, to the notice of our customers. You will always keep track of events with us!
Such webinars are intended for the groups of 50 to 500 persons.


The individual webinars combine the advantages of the training webinars with the advantages of the information ones. Their programs are drawn up in accordance with the desires of our customers, with due regard for their actual requests. In the course of holding of such a webinar, all the questions asked by the on-line attendees are considered and investigated in detail, and the application examples are exposed.
Such webinars are intended for the groups up to 20 persons.

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