Residence permit on the basis of work permit HQS

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!
Following our newsletter about the possible tightening of rules and procedures of registering foreign employees at the company address, the specialists of our company have prepared a number of solutions to simplify the registration procedure for foreign employees with the status of Highly Qualified Specialists and accompanying members of their families.
One of the  possible solutions to the problem is  to obtain a residence permit on the basis of  work permit HQS, according  to the paragraph 27, article 13.2 of Federal Law No. 115 dated 25.07.2002 (amended on December 31, 2017) "On the Legal Status of Foreign Citizens in the Russian Federation "

p. 27. Highly Qualified Specialists and their family members, arrived in the Russian Federation, who submitted an application to the territorial executive  migration authority are to be granted residence permit for the period of  employment contract or civil contract for services or works provision.

After obtaining a residence permit, it is possible to register at the place of residence for validity  period of this status (the stamp is similar to the registration stamp of Russian citizens).

The advantage of such registration, in contrast to migration registration  is:

- there is no automatic  cancellation  of registration when leaving the RF and re-entering

- there is no automatic  cancellation of registration when changing  the  residence region

- there is no need for frequent sending of notices of arrival. A new registration must be done when extending the HQS residence permit.

Additional advantages of obtaining residence permit status on the basis of HQS:

  1)  There is no need for  permits (visas) for entering  and leaving  the Russian Federation;
  2) Simplified list of documents required for registration;
  3) There is no need to confirm the knowledge of the Russian language;
  4) Accelerated processing time - 3 months according to the legislation;
  5) There is no need to obtain a work permit for working  in any Subject  of the Russian Federation;
  6) The right to choose a place of residence and working  activity in the territory of the Russian Federation, free moving within  the territory of the Russian Federation;
  7) The right to apply for citizenship of the Russian Federation after a permanent residing in the territory of the Russian Federation for at least 5 years;
  8) Medical and social services, pension provision.

If you are interested in obtaining this status, please contact Alexander Klimov   e-mail